Opening a bank account – what to consider

The easiest way to open a bank account is with a few clicks online, or the hardest one after a major paper war and burial in the offices. It is easiest to open a new account with a bank that already has a customer. At the banks of the tech wave, things happen almost as easily as new clients. Similarly, opening an account for an underage child, requiring the approval of all parents and photo IDs, can be the most challenging.

In Finland, you need a passport or a police ID to open a bank account.
In addition, the bank may require other documents, such as a contract of employment or proof of income and benefits.

Open an account online

Open an account online

Some banks can open an account online, even if they are not a customer of that bank. In addition to your passport and online banking codes, a Finnish phone number is required. Opening a bank account directly online is possible, for example, at Honest Bank.

Opening a bank account for a child

Opening a bank account for a child

Opening a bank account for a child can be surprising, especially if the child does not yet have a photo ID. Here too, the saying goes: half-finished is ready. Well-prepared people do not come with the same surprises, so it is a good idea to find out the documents required by the bank in advance.

In some cases, opening a bank account for a child can be easier online. An example of this is the Good Finance web service:

Documents needed to open a child’s bank:

  • Guardian’s passport or ID card
  • The child’s ID card or passport and telephone number if a card or online banking service is required
  • Another guardian’s phone number
  • The other guardian must have bank IDs and an ID to validate the application

Opening a bank account in Europe


Every Finnish citizen has the right to open a regular current account with any bank in the AB Area. In some countries, however, the need for an account, such as working outside the country of residence, must be justified.

It’s also a good idea to check with your current bank to see if they have branches or partner banks in that country. In this way, opening a bank account can be successful without any extra hassle or surprise as the bank takes action for you.